Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Market Stable in 2011

The London St. Thomas Association of realtors reported that 2011 proved a solid year for real estate sales, with 8,048 homes exchanging hands over its twelve-month course -- just 1% down from the previous year. “It was a little slow coming out of the gate, but in the end we finished strong, despite concern over the extent to which global economic worries would impact us locally,” says Jack Lane, LSTAR President for 2011. “December delivered a strong performance as well, with 384 sales, just 0.8% down from the previous December. “We are especially pleased by how well St. Thomas did in 2011,” observes Lane. “Its sales were up 3% over last year’s and its average price rose to $189,413, up 3.7%.”

The average price for a detached home in LSTAR’s jurisdiction at Year End stands at $244,430, up 5.3% from January 2011. The average price for a condo stands at $179,560 year end, down 3.4% from January 2011. Homes in LSTAR’s jurisdiction continue to maintain their affordability compared to other major Ontario and Canadian centres.

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