Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wind Turbine Public Information Meeting

Had a great turn out for the Public Information Session on Wind Turbines, at the Grand Bend Public School on Thursday Feb. 16th., that was put on buy the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group.  I was one of 4 guest speakers at the event, where over 300 people were in attendance. The best speakers were the family that lives around the turbines, the Michard family from Thamesville, who's health has deteriorated since the turbines have been in operation near their hobby farm. Within 2 days of the new turbines starting up, Lisa Michaud was in the emergency room with vertigo and since then the whole family has been sick. These turbines are 1.14 kms. from their home and can be heard inside the house.
We all need to become aware of what we are doing to our environment and that this is not "Green Energy". I have put some of the links on this, but there are more.

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