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June Newsletter ~ The PEDLAR Team Update


To The Muslim Community:


It is with heavy hearts that we hear about the horrendous attacks against a family due to their religious beliefs in London this past weekend. We are all human and we are all in this together. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family members of those deceased and the muslim community as a whole.

Summer Is Here


This weekend was certainly a glimpse of what to expect this summer! With weather forecasters predicting a hot weekend well in advance many families made the plans to come enjoy the Grand Bend beach over the weekend. I can't remember a weekend in June that I have seen the beach that busy before.

We hope everyone was able to catch some fresh air and embrace the warm weather! It's good for the soul!

The market continues to run strong around Grand Bend and surrounding areas. We are noticing the odd listing remaining on the market after offer date due to a higher listing price. Today's buyers look at list price and don't come to view unless they can see some value at 50-100k over asking price because that's what we have seen for the past 6-12 months. It also only makes sense as the average price of homes goes up that less and less people can afford the price of a home. As prices increase the buyer pool becomes smaller due to simple economics.

We are never far from our phones if you have any questions about real estate! Call The PEDLAR Team today for all your real estate needs!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dad's out there! Last month we celebrated our outstanding mother's and this month we are lucky enough to extend the same gratitude to the father's in our life. Dog dad's matter as well so we included Garrett in this special mention!

We are lucky enough to have three awesome dad's in our life ... Doug Pedlar, Mark Pedlar and Garrett Pedlar!

Make sure to get your Dad something special this Fathers Day because they deserve it!

Re/MAX: Grand Bend Real Estate Trends

Grand Bend real estate was once considered a sleepy, quiet market compared to its urban counterparts, but all that changed in the past year, with buyer preferences shifting in favour of smaller communities offering more home and property, at a lower price. But that too, is starting to change. As interest and activity in Canada’s recreational property markets continues to rise in the wake of the global pandemic, prices are following suit.

The Grand Bend real estate market is currently experiencing seller’s market conditions, with low listing inventory across all property types including waterfront, non-waterfront, water access and condo apartments. It seems that, regardless of the type of home, buyers are charmed by this small town. Average days on market (DOM) has fallen to just six. (DOM is a key metric that gauges how long it will take to liquidate the region’s active listings at the current rate of sales.) And competition is high for what listings are available, with multiple offers being a regular occurrence.

This migration of homebuyers to the Grand Bend area is largely coming from large, urban markets, including Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo and London, Ontario, according to Mark Pedlar, real estate agent and manager at RE/MAX Bluewater Realty Inc., a brokerage servicing the Grand Bend, Bayfield, Hay Township and Port Franks area of southwestern Ontario. Pedlar confirms that many buyers have indeed expanded their search area, thanks to work-from-home allowances, while others are also buying cottages with investment in mind, to be rented weekly as the Airbnb and short-term rental market here expands.

Aside from putting upward pressure on the supply of listings and prices, the trend of “move-over” buyers has also forced some locals to step back from the market after being priced out.

“As the prices continue to rise, you’re going to start seeing more sellers take advantage of the market, but with limited inventory for the near future, prices and demand are going to continue to be high,” Pedlar said.

Pedlar reports that average prices in the Grand Bend real estate market have risen across the board in 2021 (January 1-April 30):

  • Detached waterfront properties: $1,292,877
  • Detached non-waterfront properties: $756,557
  • Water access properties: $780,521
  • Condominiums: $567,000
Read the full article and click the link: https://blog.remax.ca/grand-bend-real-estate-trends-2021/?fbclid=IwAR1FJZDJ-H51xr6Dn8RUJzT9ev1kHyPbnKAoe9o30mKHZDZlArSRYHU5jWc


Old Ausable Channel

Many locals may not know the history of the Old Ausable River but here is a great video about the ecosystem that exists in the Old Ausable River Channel.

Quick history lesson: In 1875, The Canada Company constructed a ‘cut’ in the river’s path from the south end of the Thedford Marsh to the Village of Port Franks in order to relieve flooding. This ‘cut’ drained the Thedford Marsh and parts of Lake Burwell and enabled the land to be used for vegetable farming. As a result, the Ausable River empties directly in to Lake Huron at Port Franks. This was the beginning of some problems for the Village of Port Franks. Since the river did not empty into Lake Burwell, or head to Grand Bend, anymore, the ice and sediment that was once dumped in these areas, now emptied into the Cut. This caused ice jamming problems along the Cut as well as in the Village of Port Franks. An interesting note is that the old river bed is two metres/ seven feet higher than the Cut channel. Therefore, the river could not be reconnected in this area very easily.

In the early 1890s the citizens of the Village of Grand Bend decided that they wanted a harbour. So, in 1892, a ‘cut’ was created to outlet Parkhill Creek directly to the Lake at Grand Bend. This ‘cut’ is now deeper (about two metres deeper) than the original river bed and, as a result, the stability of the river bank was decreased (i.e., more bank exposed and overhung due to the increased depth of the channel). This is why Grand Bend has erosion problems along the Cut channel. The creation of this ‘cut’ also resulted in the creation of the Old Ausable River Channel that we know today. Since the channel was blocked at the bend in the river, the flow to the remaining channel was terminated, fed only by precipitation, groundwater, and very little runoff.

Professor, PhD students share research on ‘Canada’s Freshwater Ark,’ Old Ausable Channel in Grand Bend area. In this online webinar, which took place on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, Dr. Nick Mandrak presented on species-at-risk fish research in the Grand Bend and Port Franks areas. People with an interest in the unique Old Ausable Channel (OAC), in the Grand Bend area, have a chance to learn more about ‘Canada’s freshwater ark.’ Dr. Nicholas Mandrak, of University of Toronto, and his PhD students, presented their Old Ausable Channel and Port Franks species-at-risk fish research. Professor Nicholas Mandrak co-authored, along with Erling Holm and Mary Burridge, the “authoritative full-colour field guide to all species of freshwater fish found in Ontario,” called The ROM Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Ontario. Ausable Bayfield Conservation hosted the webinar. Dr. Mandrak has recently relocated to Grand Bend. The professor is passionate about conservation research in the area. Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) staff say the webinar is of interest to people who want to learn about local habitat as well as learning about ways to help contribute to the research that is happening.

Watch the full youtube video about the ecosystem by clicking the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p737bfCVQSk

To read more about the history of the Old Ausable River click this link: https://oldausablechannel.ca/old-ausable-channel/

May Financial Market Update
Aaron Pedlar With Sterling Mutuals


Have you ever heard of this investment adage? The phrase "sell in May and go away" is thought to originate from an old English saying, "Sell in May and go away, and come on back on St. Leger's Day." This phrase refers to a custom of aristocrats, merchants, and bankers who would leave the city of London and escape to the country during the hot summer months. St. Leger's Day refers to the St. Leger's Stakes, a thoroughbred horse race held in mid-September and the last leg of the British Triple Crown. North American traders and investors who are likely to spend more time on vacation between Victoria Day/Memorial Day and Labor Day mimic this trend and have adopted the phrase as an investing adage. And indeed, for over half a century stock market patterns have supported the theory behind the strategy in comparison to the other 6 months (typically colder months) of the year. In saying that, its fails to mention that although these summer months typically don’t produce as attractive returns as the months from November through April it has historically still been a positive experience. In fact, the S&P 500 has returned only 1 negative monthly return over the past 10 years [2015 (-0.3%).] So how did markets fare in May this year? Canadian and International Equities led the way, but short answer is pretty positive. The tech and high growth style companies sell off (i.e. Nasdaq) continued to some extent with fears of inflation, and very little change in the US 10-Year Treasury.

Read the full article by clicking the link: https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/6018f1a798a151ab1e3cba5f/60be446f2bb3404151e2f16b_2021-06-07%20May%20Market%20Commentary.pdf

Go check out his new website completed at the start of March. Check it out at http://www.PedlarFinancial.com and use it as a one stop site to log into your client portal and access timely blog updates.

A New Way To Get Around Town


Lambton Shores has become one of the first municipalities in Canada to approve the use of low-speed vehicles on its roads, an oddly shaped but environmentally friendly way to get around town. The Lake Huron community, which includes Grand Bend, has passed a bylaw allowing for the slow-moving vehicles — small, electric rides that run a maximum speed of 40 kilometres/hour — to be driven on area roads with a speed limit of 50 km/h or less. “The request was put in to get an environmentally friendly way to get around the downtown urban areas,” said Lambton Shores Mayor Bill Weber. “It is really for a downtown core.” The move comes as Ontario is in the midst of a 10-year pilot project, launched in 2017, allowing municipalities to give such mini-vehicles the green light. Lambton Shores municipal staff have described the so-called LSVs as “an environmentally friendly alternative to a full passenger vehicle” that is “typically used for short vehicle trips in an urban area.”

Click these couple links to read more: 



Get Your 2021 Grand Bend Locals Card


Support Local With Your GRAND BEND Locals Card

It is the hope that this card will encourage you to choose local businesses, more often. They've been quietly adding new businesses, new offers and TWICE as many draws! As lovers of Grand Bend, we need to stick together and keep our businesses OPEN. These Local businesses who are unable to provide specific offers, have stepped up to help provide MORE CARDHOLDER Draws! More Draws = More Winning & More Local Spending. Let's support them, for all they do to support our community.

Click the link to see more information: https://grandbendlocals.com/

Ontario Regional Referral Team

Looking to move outside of the area and not sure who to call? As always call The PEDLAR Team with any of your real estate needs! We are closely connected with a group of realtors that cover Southwestern Ontario. Along with our involvement in the Re/MAX community we are sure to line you up with a trusted knowledgeable real estate agent to make your plans a reality anywhere in North America, or the world for that matter because Re/MAX is global!

Check out the website for ORRT and learn more about the group: https://www.orrt.ca/

Lambton County & Huron County
Business Map


A new initiative started by the Lambton County & Huron County Economic Development groups was uploaded recently. They each created a virtual mapping website to show all the businesses and store fronts across the counties. These were created as an idea during COVID and will become a great tool for locals and tourists alike after COVID. Any business can be posted in the respective area if you go to the proper link below for each county. 

Lambton County: http://www.shoplambton.ca

Huron County: https://huron.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=dc52efb9fee04e748431bb74c8335c9f

New To Lambton Shores?

The municipality of Lambton Shores is starting a new initiative of making municipality information easier to find out. Check the link out and see what things you didn't know about this awesome municipality. 

Click the link: https://www.lambtonshores.ca/en/living-here/new-to-lambton-shores.aspx?platform=hootsuite

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Thursday, June 3, 2021

LSTAR Records Its Second Best May for Home Sales

May 2021 was yet another remarkable month for home sales activity in LSTAR's jurisdiction: the Association recorded 1,258 residential transactions via its MLS® systems - up 87.5% from May 2020, when the local real estate market was experiencing a pandemic-induced decline.

"This number marks the second best May for LSTAR home sales, surpassed only by May 2017, when LSTAR REALTORS® sold 1,433 homes," said LSTAR 2021 President Jack Lane. "However, year-to-date sales are at an all-time high. At the end of May, there have been 5,175 sales, up 64.3% over the same period last year."

The overall inventory figure, which shows how long it would take to liquidate the existing housing supply in our area at the current rate of sales activity, remained at 0.6 months - its lowest level in the last decade.

"Combined with the high demand, the lack of housing supply is pushing the Sales to New Listings ratio up, creating a Sellers' Market with multiple offers for many listings and numerous properties sold over the asking price," Lane added. "Nonetheless, it's essential for consumers to understand that each home is unique and its sale price can vary based on its location, type, and features," he emphasized.

The single-family home remains on top of the local buyers' preferences, with 937 sales in May.

Despite all the increases seen in the HPI benchmark prices and average sales prices, homes in LSTAR's jurisdiction appear to be relatively affordable when compared to houses from some other major Ontario and Canadian centres. The following chart is based on data taken from the CREA National Price Map for April 2021.

HPI Benchmark Home Prices Across Canada - April 2021