Friday, August 8, 2014

Best July in Seven Years

The latest report of sales from the London St. Thomas Association of Realtors for July.
980 homes sold in July 2014, making last month the second best July on record, surpassed only by July 2007, when 1,009 homes exchanged hands. "This month's sales, like those of May and June, point to a strong recovery on the part of our local market," says Jim Holody. "The market was in lockdown during an exceptionally long, drawn out winter and unusually cool Spring. Now it's in overdrive."
781 detached homes exchanged hands last month, up 24%; condos were up 25.9%, with 199 sales. All in, sales were up 24.4%. Listings were also up – 15.9% for detached homes and 16.1% for condos, as were Active Listings End-of-Period (inventory) by 3.6%. The market remains balanced, making the playing field for buyers and sellers a level one. "These kind of numbers speak to an uptick in consumer confidence," says Holody.
This is great news for the Real Estate market in our area as Mark and I had the best July ever as well! It has been very active with a robust market in both the high and low ends. Nice to see that the market here in resort country has finally warmed up a bit after that cool spring!


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Sham Monk said...

Some anonymous purchasers are pretty hard, but the one I dealt with from Dove mountain was a great fellow. Our experience with him has been absolutely awesome!