Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Brings con artists out!

Rob Parker, in todays London Free Press says with spring officially here many homeowners are starting to think about projects they would like to have done around the home. But, watch out for the con artist and some of the scams including Roofers, Driveway sealers, Chimney sweeps and Painters, to name a few.
The "Driveway sealers" is one I am familiar with, having had a paved drive and every year, one or two would come around wanting to seal your drive. Rob says to watch out for the low price and low quality that comes with it, as the sealant may be not much more than a black coloured spray that washes away with the next rain! Find out who does the best job in your area and has the best reputation before spending money on making the lane look good for the weekend!

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